The Start of my journey to becoming a Naturopath

IMG_3516            Hi fellow Spoonies! I am a new contributor to the Spoonie Sanctuary and I wanted to introduce myself.  I’m Elizabeth and this is just a bit of my story. I am so excited to contribute to this blog and to get to know all of you. Please feel free to email, call, text or Direct Message me with questions or if I can help in any way. I will be posting over the next few weeks introductory post, so that y’all can get to know me and what I’m about.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been sick since I was born. As a child it felt like I caught everything that came along and back in the mid 60’s and 70’s Western medicine’s answer to every runny nose was a shot of penicillin and steroids, which cause a whole new set of problems. I’ve always thought the reason I was so sick all the time was I really didn’t get what I needed prenatally and I started out behind the curve, not having a healthy immune system to start out. My mother says she didn’t know she was pregnant until I was born, surprise it’s a girl!!! (The Twisted Road, My Journey to find the truth) Having had three children of my own I really don’t see how anyone can not know they are pregnant, I knew from conception with all three of mine. I learned at a very early age to listen to my body and I just feel if something is different. I guess for some women, and based on the circumstances of my conception, maybe you might not admit what was going on with you, but I’ve never been in that situation so, I really can’t understand it.


All the penicillin turned my baby teeth black, and discolored my adult teeth permanently. The steroids wrecked what I had left of an immune system, the overuse of antibiotics killed the good bacteria along with the bad and it all set me up for a life long battle with poor health. The only times in my life I have been healthy and felt good was during my pregnancies. I don’t really know why that is, since it would seem your body was under more stress carrying and caring for another person growing inside you, but for me I thrived for the entire pregnancy, but as soon as I delivered it was right back into the cycle of unwellness. I decided after my second child in just two years, that there had to be a better way to get healthy and stay healthy, after all staying pregnant wasn’t the best option!

I had always loved school, especially home economics, not the sewing but the meal planning and cooking I loved!! So I sat out to see if I could get better by eating better and taking extra vitamins and minerals. I checked out books at the library and bought books on natural health and decided to give food, supplements, and lifestyle changes a try at helping me heal myself. I found it very difficult, being raised running to the doctor every time I had a runny nose was ingrained in me from childhood and those habits are hard to change. It has therefore been a life long struggle to know when to treat naturally and when Western Medicean might be  necessary. It doesn’t help that major life events kept hitting me from every angle and each time I “got hit” my immune system tanked and I had to start over! When I say major life events I mean like, my grandmother died, she was my favorite person in the world, she raised me to a great extent and I had no idea at 23 how I would go on without her! I had just found out I was expecting our second child, our first was only 15 months old, can you say SURPRISE!! And my husband had just enlisted in the military and was leaving for basic training, a 6 week adventure with no pay until you finish, technical school, where he spends 12 weeks learning his new job, and then on the job training, who knows where or how long! Needless to say that was some whammies I wasn’t prepared for mentally or physically. Fortunately I was pregnant and remember I told you that’s when my body thrived, so I was well physically, but mentally it was an uphill climb.


I made it trough those “hits”, even quit my job and started a home business, and traveled back and forth from Louisiana to Texas to see my husband every weekend from the end of basic training to the end of technical school. After which my husband came home and did his on the job training at the base near us. We delivered our second daughter just at the end of his training, a healthy baby and a healthy mommy. But I started to wonder what was it about my pregnancies that made me feel good and healthy, not even one illness the entire pregnancies, but as soon as the baby was delivered my immune system crashed again and I was sick all the time! Could it be I was eating healthier? Could it be the prenatal vitamins that gave me a boost? That’s when I earnestly sat out to find out how to get healthy and stay healthy, naturally, permanently. Life had more “hits” headed my way and it’s been a 30 year journey to figure out how to get healthy and stay healthy naturally. Am I perfect? Have I mastered staying healthy? The answer is no, but I’ve learned a lot along the way, even went back to college and got my degrees in Natural Health. I still struggle with a immune system that’s compromised and to eat right, when eating bad is so much more fun, but I try to strike a balance between Western medicine and natural health, to make me the healthiest me I can be. I would love to do the same for you! Everyone is an individual and there is no one right answer for everyone, so I consider my job to help you figure out your biochemical individuality and the best way for you to live a healthy lifestyle that fits you as an individual.

Elizabeth Clamon
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